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Alpha Crucis Radio

Alpha Crucis Radio Closing

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Due to circumstances that I am not at liberty to discuss the details of right now, Alpha Crucis Radio and TV will be closing on December 1st.

We do  apologise to our fans who have tuned in, for 20 years now, but there are unforseen circumstnces which are forcing me to close the station until further notice. And, no, it is NOT the threat of TPP, or anything like this.

Hopefully, the station will be able to resume operations sometime in the future, but the station will have to close.





Could another Communications Decency Act be coming?

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Could another attempt at a "Communications Decency Act" be in the future. Right-wing Christian nutjob wants to make another attempt at banning "hardcore" porngraphy. This is another attempt to stifle freedom.

The trouble is there is no clear definition of what is "hard core". Almost any porn site on the Net could be banned as a result of what he apparently proposes. It would also be much harder to enforce today, than it was in 1996.

What would be another Communications Decency Act harder to enforce today, as compared to 1996, is the advent of the VPN. Because businesses use VPN the world over for secure remote access to their office networks, Congress would not DARE restrict VPN usage, lest they want to feel the wrath of big business.

What may start, today, with porn, could easily expand to political dissent. While the Hyde-Blyley Act, even worse than what CDA would be been, was rejected on a 6-3 Supreme Court decision, in the early 2000s, the law itself is still on the books. The only thing a Supreme Court ruling does is stop the government from enforcing a law. The government can try to enforce it in the future, and try again with a new court. There is a more right-wing conservative slant to the court now, so there is no telling what might happen, if the government tries to enforce Hyde-Blyeley.

This also shows once again that the Christian Right is WRONGT for America and WRONG for the WORLD.  Down with the Christian Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Feminist loons call for axing of Limbaugh - yeah, RIGHT

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The radical feminists have completely of the DEEP END. Several radical feminists are calling for the FCC to yank Rush Limbaugh. Like that is going to work. If you believe that one, I have a bridge to sell you cheap

The feminist extermists are up in arms, naturally, about the comments made a few weeks ago by Limbaugh about Sandra Fluke,and her advocacy of insurance coverage for contraception.

If the FCC were to silence Rush from over the air radio, there is always Internet radio. A number of hosts have done well, being Internet only. Alex Jones is one example of an internet only talk show host who does quite well. When his show is live, he station goes to the top of the Shoutcast listings. So if they think kicking Rush off the airwaves is gong to silence him, think again,.

Given that Infowars gets top ranking in Shoutcast searches when the show is live, just imagine what Rush could do, if his show went internet only.





Nanny State America - Olsen bill to make teacher/student relationships a felony

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MODESTO, California (ACRN) - If you need proof that America is becoming a "Nanny State", one proposed bill in California would make any student/teacher relationship, even if both are ADULTS, a FELONY.

This is the most DRACONIAN piece of legislation there ever was. While there are certainly kinds of imappropriate contact that does need to be criminised, making it a FELONY to steal the occasional kiss, that is OUTRAGEOUS.

The proposed bill stems from one teacher in Modesto, who started a realtionship with his 18 year old student, which apparently incensed her mother. 41 year old teacher James Hooker started a relationship with 18 year old Jordan Powers. We say get FUCKING *REAL*. She is 18 years old, for crying out loud. She is old enough to choose her OWN relationships. Yet old RIGHT WING FUCKTARD Assemlywoman wants to make such relationships a felony offentse.

This should be be surprising the the bill is being written and sponsored by Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen (sometimes spelt Olson) of Modesto, who is quite obviously your typical right wing FUCKSTICK who does not believe in personal freedom.

And some vindicitive FUCKSTICK of a prosecutor could likely stretch the law to prosecute students in such relationships. Many laws have been the subject of prosecutorial abuse, and Olsen's bill could likely be the subject of such prosecutorial abuse.

While sexual realtionships, if the student is a MINOR, should be a criminal offence, prosecuting student and teacher for say, stealing the occasional kiss, is OUTRAGEOUS. Every high school has irresistable hottie, and it was that way when I was in high school in America. I did once steal the occasional kiss with a then 22 year old teacher's aide, when I was 17. There was no harm in doing that. There was no sexual contact involved. But that think that I would have likely had a felony rap, if such a law had existed when I was 17, is scary.

As one guy once said,. the average American committs three felonies a day, without even realising it. Is it any wonder that American now incarcerates more of its population, per capita, then even the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

This bill MUST be stopped, and Kristen Olsen, and all the puritanical RIGHT WING SHITHEADS needs to be THROWN OUT of the government.



Last Updated on Friday, 16 March 2012 06:33

SOPA/PIPA and Obama eligibility

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It has come out that Sheriff Joe Aprapiao, in Arizona, is launching a probe into Obama eligbility, that, if successfull, would not only out Obama, but out Joe Biden as well. This could have an impact on attempts to pass SOPA and PIPA

John Boehner would be become the 45th President of the United States. That would elevate Hillary Clinton, a SOPA/PIPA supporter, to the position of vice president, and could possibly put her in a position to be elected President in either 2012 or 2016.

Of course, the next speaker of the House would become Eric Cantor, a known opponent of SOPA and PIPA. The question is how long can he withstand what would be tremendous pressure to allow either bill to come up for a vote in the House. It is no secret that RIAA and MPAA have paid millions trying to get SOPA passed.

Interesting times lie ahead for the Internet.

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